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12" Tonearm Rewire Kit
With Pre-Fitted Cartridge Clips
(Discovery Tonearm Wire).
12 inch Rewire Kit With Fitted Clips (Discovery Wire). Image 1 of 4. 12 inch Rewire Kit (Discovery Wire). Image 2 of 4. High Quality, Gold Plated Cartridge Clips. Image 3 of 4. Twisted Together and Soldered. Image 4 of 4.
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12" Tonearm Rewire Kit (Discovery Wire)

Made by :-

The Better Audio Company

This Excellent rewire kit consists of the famous Joseph DePhilips DISCOVERY tonearm wire that has been given such high acclaim. I have professionally fitted 4 x high quality, fully gold plated cartridge tags, and added coloured heatshrink to each tag. At the other end, I have twisted the bare wire together and soldered them so that it is easy for you to attach your own draw wire to pull it through your tonearm. As the tags are the most difficult part of the soldering, I have done this part for you.

All soldering has been done using genuine Cardas Quad Eutectic Solder, and a quantity is included in the kit to finish the termination to your chosen external cable properly.

The cable is 500mm long so you should have plenty to play with for most 12" tonearms.

The Discovery wire is really excellent, and provides great sound. You will not be disappointed.

This will enhance the sound of your tonearm / cartridge to bring you new heights of musical realism.